Susanne Clements Martin 

Spinal Asymmetry and Scoliosis

Movement and Function. Solutions for the Spien, Ribcage and Pelvis

  • ISBN: 9781909141728
  • 2018, 252 pages


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This book provides a theoretical framework and progressive exercises used in Pilates with individuals who have asymmetries of the spine, ribcage and pelvis. It prepares Pilates instructors, and other movement and manual bodywork therapists, who want to move beyond basic certification to work safely and effectively with clients who have structural and functional asymmetries. Shedding light on a confusing topic, the book explains the many musculoskeletal ramifications of spinal asymmetry, based on relevant anatomy and current theories on the causes of deformity. The author offers practical solutions that will expand the specialized education of Pilates instructors and help them learn a safe and systematic method of instructing those with scoliosis. It features a set of guidelines to help instructors create individualized Pilates exercise progressions. Customized materials for working with a range of different age populations are also included.
Contents Introduction: a dancer’s story
The Scoliosis Team
Being an influence: how Pilates instructors have a special place in scoliosis care
Looking at the causes of scoliosis
Learning from the medical field: diagnosis, classifications
Chief concepts: a framework of reference
Assessments: identifying the pattern
Laying the foundation: initial education, organization, coordination
Breaking up the pattern: motion is lotion
Redirect the pattern
Correct the pattern: 3 Es into everyday life
Programming for the individual: beyond the pattern
Summary and final words


Susanne Clements Martin 

Susanne Clements Martin 

Suzanne Clements Martin is an international expert in the field of human movement and potential. She is a doctor of physical therapy and a Pilates expert, as well as an international presenter, speaker, coach and mentor, as well as an award-winning author and DVD producer. Dr Martin’s aesthetic for movement started…