Sports and Soft Tissue Injuries

A Guide for Students and Therapists

  • ISBN: 9781138106598
  • 5 th ed.2018, 658 pages


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The book begins with chapters that explore the science of tissue healing and rehabilitative principles. Here the book uses a systematic approach with chapters that cover every area of ​​the body, from facial injuries to the ankle and foot. Each chapter provides in-depth discussion and advice on how to treat general sports injuries through physiotherapy modalities, based on the author’s rich personal experience and the latest peer-reviewed research.
Sports and soft tissue injuries are shown in color. In addition to the book, you will find a website with video examples of therapeutic techniques and a regularly updated blog on topical issues in the treatment of sports injuries. It is an important basic text for sports therapists, physiotherapists, sports physicians and sports coaching students, an interesting read for sports and exercise scientists or kinesiology students who are interested in sports injuries, as well as important reference for practicing physiotherapists and sports coaches.