The Healing Power of Blake

A Distillation

  • ISBN: 9781890995034
  • o.J., 180 pages


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You agree that William Blake is a very great poet. But you’ve probably only ever read his earlier poems like The Tyger.
You’ve looked at the hundreds of pages of his later so-called prophetic works, knowing that there his true greatness must lie. But you close them, intimidated by the sheer mass, and the strangeness and apparent incomprehensibility.
For this distillation I have chosen those passages from the prophetic works which are not only inviting and comprehensible, but which are the very gems of his genius. Here they are magnificent, and accessible. And furthermore, I have punctuated them (Blake left little punctuation) so as to encourage you to read them out aloud, to feel and know the glory of Blake.
— John Diamond, M.D.

I believe Dr. John Diamond to be the foremost living advocate for enhancing the Life Force through the Arts. In this book, he reveals the poet William Blake as a healer of extraordinary power. The Healing Power of Blake is strong medicine for our troubled times.
— Richard A. Lippin, M.D.,
Founding President,
International Arts-Medicine Association.

This book charts new territory in the relationship between Medicine and the Arts, posing Blake to become a central figure in the healing arts as well as a significant figure in our culture. Dr. Diamond touches the healing force within us through the music of Blake’s poetry.
— Rita Iovino, M.D., Executive Director,
American Physician’s Poetry Association