The Life Energy in Music, Vol. 1

Notes on Music and Sound

  • ISBN: 9780915628209
  • o.J., 147 pages


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This is a series of papers reporting findings in some of the many areas of research in progress at the Institutes for the Enhancement of Life Energy and Creativity on the effects of music and sound – 41 chapters, including The Healing Power of Music, The Life Energy of Music and Performance, How to Choose a Recording, Listening with the Whole Brain, The Duty of the Music Teacher, Applause, Music as Therapy, The True Role of the Recording Engineer, Music and Dance, The Didjeridu – and more.


As it is about music I have tried to be musical. I have not tried to write scientific, logical, dry treatise directed to your already overworked analytical left brain.
I have instead directed my work to your whole brain. I have tried to use rhythms and gestures and patterns of flow which I hope may be somewhat more helpful to you as a total experience than the reading of yet another fact-filled book.
This is my tribute to Music, my inadequate attempt to express gratitude to Her for all She has done for me. In particular, for all the years She has comforted and sustained me.


A book which will elucidate and strengthen your relationship to music regardless of what frame of reference governs you…speaks about the basic planes of musical enjoyment in an eloquent: easily digested, and systematic manner.
— Neil Levernson, Fanfare Magazine

provides… a plethora of insights into music.
— Wes Blomster, Colorado Daily

The series The Life Energy in Music consists of three parts.
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