The Meridians and Beyond

The Diamond Reports Volume 2

  • ISBN: 9781890995652
  • 2015, 281 pages


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“The Meridians and Beyond is the second volume of writings selected from the milestone series of Diamond Reports newsletters that Dr. Diamond created over many years for health professionals and students of his work. The series as a whole presented his groundbreaking research in holistic health, psychiatry, acupuncture, philosophy, spirituality, the Arts, all bound together by the core concept of Life Energy, the Healing Power within.
The focus of this second volume is Dr. Diamond’s pioneering research into the relationship between the acupuncture meridians and the emotions. The papers cover important topics including relationships and marriage, parenting, the Will to be Well, learning difficulties, and much more.
Illustrated by many remarkable cases histories, Dr. Diamond builds on his earlier work (such as his influential best-sellers Your Body Doesn’t Lie and “”Life Energy””), revealing key psychological syndromes and showing their relationship to particular meridians.

The Diamond Reports teem with insights and original findings that will benefit not only those already familiar with Dr. Diamond’s work, but also those new to it. His vision of total health, which he now calls The Diamond Path of Life, and which fuses the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of medicine into a coherent whole, manifests in practically every page of the reports, which were far ahead of their time when they were produced, and remain so even today.

The series The Diamond Reports consists of three volumes:

  • Medicine and Beyond
  • Meridians and Beyond
  • Creativity and Beyond
  • Author