The Original Body

Primal Movements for Yoga Teachers

  • ISBN: 9781909141254
  • 2015, 192 pages


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This book offers a profound style of teaching yoga. Teachers will receive a deeper practice and will be taken through the common factors inhibiting sensory pathways. These include conditioning, habit,  auma, anxiety, non-essential thought and the effect of technique and methodology in teaching.  eachers will learn about the principles of mechanical freedom in postures and movement and they will find out about the parallels and differences between yoga practice and the osteopathic approach to  biomechanics. The Original Body invites the reader to put aside Sanskrit terminology and well-trodden  aths and dig deeply into themselves and discover the unconditioned body at its deepest level. This book supports its reader through the understanding that group work thrives on their inspiration. This book  nspires and provides an essential addition to the library of all teachers of yoga, movement and  bodywork.