The Pulse of Music

Diamond Path of Life Series

  • ISBN: 9781890995584
  • o.J., 174 pages


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At once informative and inspirational, this book deepens our understanding of the power of music and its ability to enhance our lives. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the topic, whether performer, educator, health professional, or music lover.


Dr. Diamond’s writings in music are unique. No-one has shown more clearly, or described more inspirationally, the relationship between music and health.
— Peter Muir, Ph.D., Dip.I.M.H. Director, The Institute for Music and Health

This book reminds us what really matters: not the music of our heads and our fingers, but the music that streams from the heart of each one of us.
— Susan West, Ph.D.,Dip.Mus.Ed. Convener, Music Education Program, Australian National University