David Lesondak

Fascia 2nd Edition

What it Is and Why it Matters

  • Verlag: Handspring Publ.
  • ISBN: 9781913426316
  • 2022, 208 pages


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As the title suggests, this book provides a clear and easy to understand explanation of what fascia is and the role it plays in the body. As the importance of fascia is increasingly recognised, it became obvious that a book was needed that presented the facts clearly and concisely. This is what this book is. It has a strong plot, with each chapter logically linked to the next, just like fascia itself! It is informative and satisfying to read.

Fascia – What it is and why it matters is an important foundational work for professionals such as movement educators, physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, fitness experts and doctors, enabling them to gain a solid understanding of what fascia is and what it does in the body. It provides an understanding of fascia as a tissue, its role in the various systems of the body and its clinical significance. The book is complete in itself, but can also serve as a springboard for more in-depth research should the reader wish to go further.


David Lesondak

David Lesondak

David Lesondak is an allied health member in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), where he maintains a clinical practice in structural integration, visceral manipulation, and other fascial modalities at UPMC’s Center for Integrative Medicine. He has been a clinical bodyworker/structural…

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