W.G. Sutherland

Lecture Series by W.G. Sutherland D.O., 6 CDs

6 Audio CDs, Original English

  • 2013, 6 CDs


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Lecture Series by W.G. Sutherland D.O.,
as collected by Dr. James Jealous.

CD1 – Temporal Bone Lecture, May 16, 1949
CD2 – Tide Control Lecture, May 10, 1949
CD3 – Cranial Articular Surfaces
CD4 – Reciprocal Tension Membrane
CD5 – The Primary Respiratory Mechanism, Types Of Cranial Lesions
CD6 – The Science Of Osteopathy

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W.G. Sutherland

W.G. Sutherland

William Garner Sutherland, D.O. (1873?1954) was an osteopathic physician and an important figure in American osteopathic medicine. Many of his manual therapy techniques are still practiced today. Sutherland was the first osteopathic physician to conceptualize the cranial approach and teach it. However, he acknowledged Andrew Taylor Still as the developer…