Harold Magoun

Osteopathy in the Cranial Field

Original edition

  • ISBN: 9781930298033
  • 3rd printing 2006, 244 pages


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This is the original 1st edition that was approved by William G. Sutherland.
In this book editor Dr. Harold I. Magoun, Sr. takes the concepts of Sutherland and puts them into a text that became the standard for most osteopathic cranial training programs.
In subsequent editions, many things were removed and added to make the text more Scientifically Acceptable and much of the essence of the osteopathic approach was lost. We feel this is a valuable contribution to the literature and we are happy that it is back in print.
This is a text that should be an essential part of the library of any osteopath or cranial practitioner.

This title is currently not available. We wait for a new reprint.


Harold Magoun

Harold Magoun

Dr. Harold Ives Magoun, D.O., F.A.A.O (1898-1981) wuchs in Boston auf, wo Perrin T. Wilson, D.O., als Hausarzt der Familie Magoun wirkte. Im Zweiten Weltkrieg diente er im Sanitätsdienst und wurde mehrfach ausgezeichnet. 1919 graduierte er an der Harvard University in Boston, danach schrieb er sich in der American School…

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