John Diamond

The Life Energy in Music, Vol. 2

As in life, so in music

  • ISBN: 9781890995263
  • 1983, 187 pages


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In this volume of the Life Energy in Music series, our theme is: As in life, so in music. It could also be: As in music, so in life.
You will find that so many problems which affect musicians are common to us all. In the musician’s framework it is often just more obvious. Problems as varies as relationships with self, with authority figures, with nature, and with the composer’s pulse come to light. Of utmost importance is to study how the musician relates to others and to the world. Difficulties here affect, and are revealed in the music – from early childhood traumata to today’s argument with a spouse.

Like all art, by its very nature music cannot be kept private. It is to be given. Whether you want to give, and how truthfully and completely and freely, determines the life energy in you music and in you life. In so many ways the relationship of a musician with the music passed on to him, with his instrument, and with the audience, reveals a great deal about him. Therefore any approach to helping a musician must be absolutely holistic. The nature of music being what it is, when we help him we help everyone.

Review by Lois Henderson,

In The Life Energy in Music: Volume II, Diamond reveals how his work and encounters with musicians, whether in his practice or in the performance arena, have impacted on the evolution of his conceptualization of, and approach to, healing. In the course of discussing numerous case studies that he has undertaken, he conveys with loving attentiveness the musicians’ leading characteristics and what makes them unique in their approach both to music and to life. He also draws a parallel between the religious life of man and the musician’s life, with both being optimized by a full-scale commitment to aspiration, rejection of narcissistic desire, and surrender to the enveloping pulse of life.

The series The Life Energy in Music consists of three parts.
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John Diamond

John Diamond

John Diamond, M.D. ist eine wichtige Figur in der ganzheitlichen Medizin. Er war Präsident der International Academy of Preventive Medicine, er ist ein Bestseller-Autor von mehr als 35 Büchern. Diamond, Arzt und Psychiater, beschäftigt sich seit vier Jahrzehnten mit Forschung und Praxis im Bereich der Komplementärmedizin und des ganzheitlichen Heilens.…