John Diamond

The Life Energy in Music, Vol. 3

  • Verlag: Vital Health Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781890995270
  • 1986, 223 pages


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Continuing the study of music, musicians, and listeners, this collection of over 40 essays will add new insight and understanding to music, communications, and everyday living.

Review by Lois Henderson,

John Diamond’s approach in this collection of essays is both personal and intense. His willingness to share with his readership the insights that he has gained from his own personal experience is at once comforting and inspiring. Diamond has the utmost respect for the integrity and intelligence of his audience, whom he trusts with his innermost thoughts and feelings about those whom he has encountered and the experiences that he has undergone.

The series The Life Energy in Music consists of three parts.
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John Diamond

John Diamond

John Diamond, M.D. ist eine wichtige Figur in der ganzheitlichen Medizin. Er war Präsident der International Academy of Preventive Medicine, er ist ein Bestseller-Autor von mehr als 35 Büchern. Diamond, Arzt und Psychiater, beschäftigt sich seit vier Jahrzehnten mit Forschung und Praxis im Bereich der Komplementärmedizin und des ganzheitlichen Heilens.…