Books and videos about Sports Medicine and Acupuncture

Books and videos about Sports Medicine and Acupuncture

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There are only a few books and videos about sports medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine available. They are about concepts from TCM to treat athletes holistically and efficiently. But TCM is also used in prevention, training, competition preparation and performance improvement of athletes with the help of acupuncture, Tuina or Chinese phytotherapy.

These books introduces you to the treatment methods of Chinese medicine based on western principles of sports medicine. They content directly applicable knowledge with an overview of the general basics and therapy methods of TCM as well as a large practical part with sports medicine indications, clear therapy suggestions and recipes. Their structure helps you for a

– Fast orientation: Description of sports injuries and sports damages after lesions of different tissues and localizations.
– Supplementary chapter: Treatment of exhaustion and psychosomatic complaints in athletes.

Sport injuries and their treatments with Chinese Medicine, eather acupuncture, Chinese herbs or Gua Sha, taping, dietary and others. A lot of TCM therapists treat worldwide sport injuries with TCM. Here a summary of books and videos about sports-TCM with comments from us:

Here the latest book about sports Medicine Acupuncture by Matt Callison. This book is the most comprehensive book about sports and TCM. Find here more information about it. >>To the book Matt Callison, Sports Medicine acupuncture.

Video of Frank He about TCM and sports recorded at the TCM congress in Switzerland. His presentation is about the involvement of TCM in sports.

>>See here the 5 minute trailer

Here a book of Sports acupuncture with Japanese Acupuncture. >>To the book of Mukaino, sports acupuncture

For a long time this was the only TCM book about sports and acupuncture. >>Reaves Acupuncture Handbook of Sports medicine


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