Beyond the Obvious: Photography for Healing

  • ISBN: 9781890995843
  • o.J., 158 pages


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There is a level in the appreciation of all art forms that transcends any of the physical qualities of the creation. In photography it also transcends the imagery, the program, and what we may call the message of the photograph.
I believe that my Special Gift has always been to be able to look deeply into my patients and students through what I would call a photographer’s eye—seeing beyond the obvious and into the spirit, the soul of the subject.
—John Diamond, M.D.

In this magnificent collection of writings, one of the world’s great healers offers his insights into using photography as a therapeutic medium. Ranging from essays of a deep spirituality to practical advice for photographers at all levels of experience, Beyond the Obvious reflects a totally original approach developed by Dr. Diamond over more than half a century of research and experimentation. The result is an inspirational book that shows us how to look beyond the obvious.

Ein Titel aus der Diamond Path of Life Series.