The Diamond Color Meditation: Color Pathway to the Soul

  • ISBN: 9781890995522
  • o.J., 90 pages


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The Diamond Color Meditation presents an inspiring use of color in a therapeutic meditation designed for deep personal growth and healing. Includes a complete guide with color meditation plates, charts of herbs and homeopathic remedies and related acupuncture points.
This book goes far beyond traditional color therapies and introduces a completely original and new concept in using color for healing.
It is color therapy for a Higher Purpose: a way, a spiritual path, a Color Pathway to the Soul.

Using color, John Diamond has developed a method to calm and resolve the emotions of the individual anguish of life.
— Prof. Max Lüscher, M.D., Originator, Lüscher-Color-Test

This unique therapy immediately touches the soul, healing the spiritual crisis that is the root of all illness. Dr. Diamond possesses that rarest of gifts among classically trained doctors: a genius for holism.
–Lynne McTaggart, The Field, HarperCollins

John Diamond is a true healer. Better yet, a true genius. Read, learn, be inspired!
–Bryan Hubbard, What Doctors Don’t Tell You

Review from MerlianNews.com:

The Diamond Color Meditation is a brilliant breakthrough in meditative therapy. Don’t worry if you think that you can’t meditate — this is not one of those empty your mind exercises. Think of this as energy therapy and the clever use of colors and symbols to focus on will get you good results…
The results are amazing! You may feel an immediate shift in the first reading/meditation, or a sense of the old wounds loosening and softening. If you continue for several days, more good effects continue to roll in — the colors are by turns soothing, energizing and healing. The special Luscher-Fuchsia is like taking a vitamin for the whole chakra system. If you get no more than an increased sense of energy you will have done yourself an enormous favor, but my prediction is that you will get much more than that. Following up with the additional information the author includes on specific acupressure points and homeopathic remedies may yield even greater results.
The Belovedness concept truly may be the antidote to the anguish and angst that we all carry to greater or lesser degrees. Best of all, the meditations are as simple as can be, and yet, there is a real power to them. Do yourself (and your soul!) a favor and check out The Diamond Color Meditation.