Fascia what it is and why it matters

with forewords by Robert Schleip and Thomas W. Myers

  • ISBN: 9781909141551
  • 2017, 155 pages


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This softcover book serves as a primer for professionals, such as doctors, physical therapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, and fitness professionals, to give them a good grasp of what fascia is and what it does in the body.
It gives the reader an understanding of fascia as a tissue, its role in the various systems of the body and its clinical significance.
By the end of the book the reader will have a solid working knowledge of fascia. This book is complete unto itself, but also serve as a springboard to deeper explorations should the reader choose to do so.
The book has a strong storyline, with each chapter logically connecting to the next, rather like fascia itself!
It is informative and satisfying to read.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Fascia, The Living Tissue
Chapter 2: Fascia in the Cellular Level
Chapter 3: Fascia in the Musculoskeletal System
Chapter 4: Fascia in the Organs
Chapter 5: Fascia and the Nervous System
Chapter 6: Fascia and the Brain
Chapter 7: Diagnosing Fascial Conditions
Chapter 8: Fascial Modalities
Chapter 9 Summary.

With forewords by Thomas W. Myers, Robert Schleip
and with an afterword by Tom Findley.