Andrzej Pilat

Myofascial Induction Vol. 2 The Lower Body

An anatomical approach to the treatment of fascial dysfunction

  • Publisher: Handspring Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781913426354
  • 2023, 620 pages


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The book Myofascial Induction Anatomical Approach to Fascial Dysfunction explains the properties of the fascial network and offers therapeutic solutions for different types of fascial dysfunction. The material is presented in two volumes:

Volume 1 analyses in depth the theoretical aspects related to fascia and focuses on the therapeutic procedures of Myofascial Induction Therapy (MIT) for the upper body.
Volume 2 summarises the theoretical aspects and explains the therapeutic procedures of MIT for the lower body.
In the chapters of Volume 2, the reader will find a wide range of manual therapy procedures that can be selected and used to build up the MIT treatments for fascial dysfunctions of the lower body. These procedures are explained in detail and are richly illustrated with diagrams and photographs of their practical application on the body and on treated tissue pieces in colour.

All chapters begin with an introduction that provides a philosophical overview and reminds the reader that philosophy enables us to combine the strictly scientific with the empirical. Practice and empiricism are the foundations of science.


Andrzej  Pilat

Andrzej Pilat

Physiotherapist and specialist in manual therapy. Creator of the Myofascial Induction approach. Lecturer on postgraduate and master degree programs in numerous universities in Spain and other European countries as well as in Central and South America. Author of the book Myofascial Induction, and co-author of books and papers on manual therapy published in Britain, Spain,…

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