Lauri Nemetz

The Myofascial System in Form and Movement

Foreword by David Lesondak

  • ISBN: 9781912085798
  • 2022, 208 pages


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The field of myofascial science is changing rapidly. In The Myofascial System in Form and Movement, Lauri Nemetz invites readers into a rich dialogue about movement.

Nemetz uses insights from our spatial relationship to the world to examine the human body. Giving voice to the ideas and work of leading figures in the field, she invites readers to develop their own ideas and offers suggestions for application that they can explore in their own bodies or with others.

With her extensive background in art history, myofascial movement, anatomical dissection and more, Nemetz uses her wealth of experience to weave the many facets of this evolving field into a visually rich and thought-provoking book.

Chapter 1 History and timeline of anatomy, major art concepts and movement disciplines related to myofascial anatomy and form

Chapter 2 Overview of fascia and the tensegral body

Chapter 3 The shape of movement/human evolution in motion

Chapter 4 The compass points and major axes

Chapter 5 Spirals, body and nature

Chapter 6 Concepts of core

Chapter 7 Arms, contralateral movement and action

Chapter 8 Yoga specific applications

Chapter 9 Pilates applications

Chapter 10 Training and sports specifics

Chapter 11 Psychotherapeutic myofascial movement (dance/movement therapy, somatic etc)

Chapter 12 Stages of life

Chapter 13 Environmental matters


Lauri Nemetz

Lauri Nemetz

Lauri is an adjunct associate professor at Pace University and the 2020 Pace U. President’s Award recipient for Outstanding Contribution.  She is also a licensed Creative Arts Therapist, a member of the American Association for Anatomy, a board-certified member of the Academy of Dance/Movement Therapists, a registered yoga teacher at…

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