Dennis Willmont

Aromatherapy with Chinese Medicine

Healing the body, mind, spirit with essential oils

  • Verlag: Willmountain Press
  • ISBN: 9780974125725
  • 3. ed. 2008, 455 pages


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Aromatherapy with Chinese Medicine explores the world of Aromatherapy from the Chinese herbal and acupuncture perspective for both the layperson and the professional. These perspectives lend great insight into understanding how to create natural healing with essential oils on the levels of the Body, Mind, and Spirit.
Part I covers basic application techniques as well as various categories for organizing essential oil knowledge including:
1) Essential Oil Chemistry, 2) the Functional Categories of Disease, and 3) The Five Phases. Part II covers ninety essential oils in depth and includes sections on essential oil contents, properties, functions, uses, blends, contraindications, and discussions of character types and signatures. It also covers important Carrier Oils and forty-four Synergies analyzed by function. Part III covers how to use essential oil for health and disease and includes extensive chapters on psycho-emotional disorders, heart and circulatory disease, healing the Body, Mind, and Spirit, children’s disorders, respiratory disorders, musculo-skeletal disorders, as well as a full spectrum of other disease categories from addictions to urinary disorders.
This book is designed to read either from cover to cover for a greater depth of insight into natural healing issues, or simply as a reference manual.
It is four hundred seventy-one pages long in a hardbound format and contains one hundred eighty-six charts, graphs, and figures that make it easy to understand, use, and remember the concepts that are presented in the text as well as dozens of beautiful illustrations of the plants used in the art of aromatherapy.

Dennis Willmont has been practicing acupuncture, Taijiquan and Daoist meditation for thirty years. In the early 1980s he created and directed the first professional program of Shiatsu and Acupressure Therapy in North America. His unique blend of scholarship and intuition has led to the formation of a multi-volume series on the energetics and Body/Mind/Spirit connection in ancient acupuncture. Dennis uses Essential Oils and Chinese herbs in his acupuncture practice in Marshfield, Massachusetts.


Dennis Willmont

Dennis Willmont

Dennis Willmont has been practicing shiatsu, acupressure, Taijiquan, and Daoist meditation since 1971 and acupuncture since 1976. In 1969 Dennis received his bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and Philosophy from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. During this period, he took a philosophy course in Comparative Religion and was exposed…