Kinesiology Books and Guides for Therapists

Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology comes from the field of body therapy and chiropractic. There are different variants of this. One of them was founded by George Joseph Goodheart and is called Applied Kinesiology (sometimes abbreviated as AK). In addition, there is a related form, which is called kinesiology only and is mainly used by patients themselves. Kinesiology uses the so-called kinesiological muscle test as a diagnostic form. A recommendable book here is from Madeline Black, centered organizing the body through Kinesiology, movement theory. It provides a complete picture demonstrating the complex interconnectedness of the musculature, fascia, and joints, and the implication of these deeply intertwined systems for movement through Pilates, yoga, and other fitness disciplines.


In this section, you will find books for kinesiology education as well as kinesiology taping.

For patients, we recommend kinesiology for children, which states that physical activity and physical well-being are related. If a child has e.g. Learning blockades, you can dissolve them with kinesiological exercises.

One of the leading representatives of this kind of kinesiology is Dr. Ing. John Diamond. All books by John Diamond can be found here as well. He did a lot of research and evaluation and found out fantastic things and treatment methods.