C. Larre | Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée

Heart Master Triple Heater

Chinese Medicine From The Classics

  • Verlag: Monkey Press
  • ISBN: 9783872468055
  • 2006, 134 pages


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Following the intent and style of the earlier works in this series,
the authors delve deeply into the etymology of the ancient written characters of Ling Shu.
The first part, Heart Master, makes clear classical distinctions between the various aspects of the heart that have been diversely translated as heart governor, heart protector, heart constrictor and pericardium.
The second part charts the developing concept of the triple heater from its early stages in the Nei Jing through the Nan Jing with particular reference to chapters of the Ling Shu. The spiritual meanings and textual implications are examined with great awareness and sensitivity.
Part of the Chinese Medicine From The Classics series.


C. Larre

C. Larre

Claude Larre sj (1919-2001) was a French sinologist. After taking a degree in Law at the Sorbonne, he entered a Jesuit Seminary at the age of 20. He spent five years in China at a very turbulent point in its history (1947-52), finally leaving for Hongkong when all foreign priests…

Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée

Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée

Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée, Jahrgang 1949, ist eine international anerkannte Autorin, die sich im Bereich der TCM einen Namen gemacht hat. Dabei hat sie mit Autoren wie Larre und Dr. Jean Schatz zusammengearbeitet und interessante Werke erschaffen. Ihre Bücher sind in Französisch und Italienisch veröffentlicht worden, ebenfalls in Englisch.…