P. Dorsher

Languages of Healing (online video)

  • 2011, online video, 30 min.


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Though separated by different millennia, languages, levels of scientific advancement, and views of human physiology, prehistoric and modern cultures have expressed concepts of evaluating and treating human illness analogous to those of TCM. The similarities of prehistoric, ancient Egyptian, TCM, Mayan, myofascial pain, and myofascial meridian concepts of health and healing suggest these healing traditions likely are expressing a common, fundamental aspect of human anatomy and/or physiology.
TAO-Kongress 2011, online video, 30 min., English.


P. Dorsher

P. Dorsher

Peter Dorscher is a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist at the prestigious Mayo Clinic. He is an author for the acupuncture anatomy program. He has published his research on the relationship between acupuncture points and trigger points challenging the views and understandings of trigger points.

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