Alfred Huang

The Complete I Ching

The Definitive Translation by the Taoist Master

  • Verlag: Inner Traditions
  • ISBN: 9781594773860
  • 1998, 576 pages


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In The Complete I Ching, an eminent Chinese scholar translated the original ideographs of the I Ching into English.
This book also includes a new emphasis on the intricate web of interrelations among the names and sequence of the 64 hexagrams, the preservation of the original poetic style, plus more.
A truly authentic English version of the I Ching – far above earlier translations authored by Westerners – written by a brilliant Chinese scholar who secretly studied the I Ching during his years of imprisonment during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.
An accomplishment of poetic marvel, it includes the Confucian commentaries (the Ten Wings), giving them a position of prominence, and elucidates the intertwining and interdependent nature of the names and sequence of the 64 hexagrams.


Alfred Huang

Alfred Huang

Alfred Huang is a Taoist Master. Alfred Huang is born 1921. He is a professor of Taoist philosophy and recognzised as a 3rd generation master of Wu-style Tai Chi Chuang, Chi King and oriental meditation with more than 70 years of experience. He studied the I Ching with one of China´s…