B. Hood

Therapeutic Bloodletting


  • 2015, video, 335 min.

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Bleeding is a time honored therapeutic mentioned as far back as in the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon of Medicine.
Three of the nine needles mentioned in that text are specifically designed for bloodletting.
In modern times, however this practice is far less commonly used.
This lecture is intended to reaquaint practitioners with the underlying principles of bleeding and to effective techniques that can be immediately useful in the clinic, in some cases where more ordinary techniques have not been able to resolve the problem.

TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2015, video, 335 min., English deutsch.


B. Hood

B. Hood

Brenda Hood Most of Dr. Hood’s study of Chinese medicine was conducted in China: a Bachelors of TCM from the Beijing University of TCM (1999), PhD in Daoist Philosophy (Inner Alchemy for Women) from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (2006) and a Post-Doctorate in CM (Comparison of East and…