David Alimi | Burgoon-T. | Hedi Luxemburger

Benefits of Acupuncture to Medicine and Care

Knowledge and experience in the world

  • Verlag: Noi Edizioni
  • ISBN: 9788832128994
  • 2022, 511 pages


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Many authors like David Alimi, Thomas Burgoon, Chin Chan, Tomás Dawid, Silvia Elenkova, Francisco Lozano, Hedi Luxenburger, Carlo Moiraghi, Chun Lee Oei-Tan, Petja Piehler, Paola Poli, Patrick Sautreuil, Karin Stockert, Konstantina Theodoratou and Marcia Yamamura (ICMART – International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques) made a contribution to this book.
All the authors of this book are medical doctors, colleagues who have worked together for many years in ICMART, the International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques, in a beneficial exchange of experiences, practices and how they apply Medical Acupuncture in their own various environments. ICMART was founded in 1983 in Vienna and now represents over 80 medical member organizations, with more than 50,000 individual doctors. In this book, the authors present a selection of the wide variety in medical acupuncture applications, and its purpose is also to advance its further insertion into integrated healthcare systems.


David Alimi

David Alimi

Dr. David Alimi (Frankreich) hat eine Praxis in Alfortville und hat mit seinem Studium der funktionellen MRT als bildgebende Technik das Verständnis der Aurikulotherapie auf ein neues Niveau gehoben. Die neurophysiologischen Prinzipien, auf denen die Aurikulotherapie basiert, heben diese Technik auf das gleiche Niveau wie herkömmliche medizinische Techniken, stimuliert durch…



Hedi Luxemburger

Hedi Luxemburger

Hedi Luxemburger ist Fachärztin für Anästhesiologie und hat folgende Spezialgebiete: Naturheilverfahren Akupunktur Spezielle Schmerztherapie

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