Sabine Wilms

Channeling the Moon: A Translation and Discussion of Qí Zhòngfu’s (2)

Hundred Questions on Gynecology, Part 2

  • Verlag: Happy Goat Productions
  • ISBN: 9781732157149
  • 2020, 534 pages


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A literal translation and discussion of Part Two ofa thirteenth-century Chinese textbook on gynecology: Qi Zhongfu’s Hundred Questions on Gynecology from 1220 CE. Includes the Chinese original side-by-side with the English, extensive commentary on the essays and formulas, and clinical notes by Sharon Weizenbaum.
In the heyday of classical Chinese gynecology roughly eight centuries ago, Qí Zhòngfu composed a humbly named masterpiece, to address his students, colleagues, and patients Hundred Questions on Gynecology. Quoting and discussing all the major theories and treatments found in earlier gynecological texts, the Chinese original of this book must have been as useful to his Sòng dynasty readers as this modern English translation will be for any practitioner of Chinese gynecology today.
One of the eminent translators of Chinese medical literature, Dr. Sabine Wilms has once again crafted a meticulously researched, lovingly phrased, and abundantly annotated translation in an attractive and accessible edition that is sure to inspire our clinical colleagues and set a new bar for the clinical practice of traditional Chinese gynecology in the West. Channeling the Moon, Part Two includes.
Channeling the Moon Vol II continues the important conversation on Chinese medicine gynecology begun in Vol I. As a teacher of Chinese medicine, a clinician and a translator I am so happy to see this 2nd volume. Not only are Qi Zhongfus questions important for the study of gynecology, but the commentary also adds to the readers understanding and offers insights that are invaluable for clinical practice and for a greater perspective on the female body as understood by Chinese medicine. (Marnae Ergil, MA, DACM, L.Ac)


Sabine Wilms

Sabine Wilms

Dr. Sabine Wilms has been studying the history of Chinese medicine (esp. the treatment of the female body) for well over a dozen years, since her days as a doctoral student in Asian Studies and medical Anthropology at the University of Arizona. She currently divides her time between producing books…

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