Jingwei-L. | Zhu-J.

Illustrated Handbook of Chinese Qigong Forms from the Ancient Text

Foreign Languages Press, Li Jingwei, Zhu Jianping

  • ISBN: 9781848191976
  • 2013, 336 pages


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The illustrated handbook of Chinese qigong forms drawing on ancient documents from China and Tibet, archaeological findings and cultural relics.
Jingwei presents authentic Qigong forms from the Warring States period right up the late Qing dynasty of the early twentieth century.
She shows twenty-six sets of pictures relating to Qigong, Daoyin, diet and living habits, each set introduced with a brief overview of the origin, development, changes and practice modes of each method.
This handbook compiled by Li Jingwei and Zhu Jianping is presented in chronological order, each chapter describes the source from which the exercises are derived, and then provides a description of the ancient form, its health and other benefits, uses, and how to do it, together with drawings of the original illustrations where these exist, or line drawings of the movements described where the original text was not illustrated.
The forms are easy to learn, and easy to do, providing also a direct link to the authentic ancient forms.
This valuable resource includes over 700 illustrations, and will be a treasure trove for all practitioners and students of Qigong, as well as anyone interested in the history of the Oriental internal arts.