Yvonne R. Farrell

Psycho-Emotional Pain and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels

Foreword by David Chan

  • Verlag: Singing Dragon Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781848192928
  • 2016, 232 pages


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Overcome psycho-emotional pain

This book explains the value of this ancient system in supporting the patient’s consciousness and promoting hope for the future, combining detailed theory with ideas for practical application.

This book is unique in that it discusses the nature of human suffering and how patients can be helped to overcome psycho-emotional pain through work with the Eight Extraordinary Vessels. Many physical conditions are resistant to treatment because of their psycho-emotional element, and emotional suffering and resistance to change can be an obstacle to the healing process. The effectiveness of Eight Extras treatment is enhanced by understanding this suffering and providing a therapeutic environment that allows the patient to believe that things can be different.

Approached from the perspective of suffering, the theory is applicable to both physical and emotional conditions, including addiction, chronic pain, autoimmune and hormonal disorders.

This highly practical book by Yvonne R. Farrell includes a full explanation of how to create an Eight Extras treatment and case studies of clinical use of the vessels and their application.
These case studies show the development of coping mechanisms and resistance, and the importance of the patient history in the diagnostic process.

Other reviews of the book psycho-emotional pain by Yvonne R. Farrell:

  • Russell Brown, LAc., author of Maya Angelou’s Meditation 1814

    This contribution is the single most unequivocal academic reminder that the medicine is living art. I’ve never read a text that testifies so strongly to the metaphor and poetry of what we can do.

  • Luke Adler L.Ac., author of Born to Heal

    Dr Farrell’s exploration of the 8EVs is nuanced with practical, personal, and deeply insightful candor. She demystifies the 8EVs and preserves their profound intent to support the spiritual journey.

  • Olga Fedina

    The European Journal of Oriental Medicine, Volume 8, No 5, 2017

    A welcome addition to the literature that exists on the subject (…) what is interesting and unusual about this book is not only that it goes into great details about every EV, but also that it is focused on treating EV as a way of bringing the person closer to his or her original energetic make-up or original nature (…) I would certainly recommend this book not only to anyone interested in exploring the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, but anyone pondering the philosophical question of health and disease.


Yvonne R. Farrell

Yvonne R. Farrell

Yvonne Farrell has been involved in the education of acupuncturists in California for 20 years and has focused on the application of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels for the past eight years. She is a recognized lecturer at Southern California University of Health Sciences, Dongguk University in Los Angeles, Yo San…