Zev Rosenberg

Ripples in the Flow

Reflections on Vessel Dynamics in the Nàn Jing

  • Verlag: Singing Dragon
  • ISBN: 9780857013910
  • 2019, 128 pages


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Master scholar-physician Z’ev Rosenberg shares his insights on pulse diagnosis in the Nàn Jing. The first chapters of the Nàn Jing are a virtual manual of pulse diagnosis, and this book is a commentary on these chapters, giving a deeper explanation and advising how these can inform modern clinical practice.

naturmed´s opinion: This work will provide clear classical references for the knowledge of TCM practitioners!

In Z’ev Rosenberg’s second book, the scholar-physician shares his insights from his study of discrimination of movement in the vessels in the Nàn Jing. This book provides an accessible window into the world of classic vessel discrimination, and a deep explanation of the Nàn Jing as well as advising how it can inform modern clinical practice.

The first chapters of the Nàn Jing examine the parameters of depth, length, qualities, five phase relationships, viscera/bowel, channel/network vessel and season. Ripples in the Flow is designed as a compendium text that provides a commentary on these essential vessel discrimination chapters, as a teaching text, and as a clinical manual for practitioners of both acupuncture and herbal medicine. It will be especially useful for practitioners of five phase approaches to Chinese and Asian medical systems.


Zev Rosenberg

Zev Rosenberg

Z’ev Rosenberg, L. Ac. 醫生 is Professor the Alembic Institute Chair Emeritus/Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, Ca. In private practice since 1983, he is recognised as one of the first generation of practitioners of TCM in the US.

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