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Considering the Treatment of Pain from a …

Traditional Chinese Perspective

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  • 2016,video, over 6 hours

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Pain is one of the most common reasons people seek medical treatment. Chinese medicine is found to be very effective for alleviating pain. When one is presented with a patient who is complaining of pain, relying solely on a biomedical diagnosis to create a treatment strategy is not recommended to achieve the best results. Resist leaping to conclusions or taking shortcuts in these patients. We will go into some depth exploring the classical terminology and descriptions of pain. Each classical description requires a different treatment strategy. We will explore appropriate acupuncture and Chinese herbal strategies for working with patients when pain is the main complaint.

There are 10 classical Chinese descriptions for pain. Many practitioners neglect deeper inquiry into determining the cause of pain. Topics will also include the Six Evils, excess, deficiency, yin, yang, blood and stagnation. We will also explore some of the most commonly presented issues such as lower back and headache pain. Surgical scar tissue blocks the flow of qi and blood and contributes to pain. There will be a scar treatment demonstration. I will also demonstrate a simple evaluation that is helpful with low back and knee pain.

TCM-Kongress Rothenburg 2016, video, englisch/deutsch.

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Deutscher Titel: Die Schmerzbehandlung aus traditioneller chinesischer Sicht


John Scott

John Scott

John Scott is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine currently in practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has been in private practice since 1982. He is the founder and president of Golden Flower Chinese Herbs Inc.. Scott has been active in promoting oriental medicine on a local, state, national and international…