Yair Maimon

Treating pain and transformation Part I+II (CDs)

using the 12 Ting/Jing points

  • 2012, 3 CDs, 200 min.


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Treating pain and transformation using the 12 ting/Jing points. The wonder of this points stems from their location – they are at the edge, at the changing point of yin and yang, therefore they can dramatically create change and transformation. They are most effective in the treatment of pain, any pain, emotional and physical, and are powerfully effective in treating acute pain. Many times they work like magic.
Lecture includes: point’s actions and indication, needle technique, case histories, with many practical clinical applications.

TAO-Kongress 2012
3 CDs, 200 min., eng.


Yair Maimon

Yair Maimon

Dr. Yair Maimon (IL) calls himself an eternal student of Chinese medicine. Over the last 25 years he was privileged to study with the best teachers all around the world and graduate from schools in England, Holland, USA and China. Studying different approaches of Chinese medicine such as: 5 Elements,…