Florian Ploberger

Herbal Formulas

Western Herbs from the TCM Perspective

  • ISBN: 9783902735980
  • 2019, 400 pages


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Traditional Chinese Medicine and thus the Chinese phytotherapy is becoming more and more popular.
Therefore so-called Western herbs are described and therapeutically applied according to TCM criteria.
Herbal formulas consisting of Western herbs are presented in this book.
They are structured by their effects in 20 groups (for example: herbal formula tonifying the Qi and the Blood, herbal formulas nourishing the Yin, herbal formulas tonifying the Yang, herbal formulas promoting the Qi flow, stimulating the blood circulation, herbal formulas calming the spirit, herbal formulas calming internal wind, etc.) and are described as follows:
Individual herbs are listed with their respective daily dose in gram per day.
This is followed by effect, indication and respective Western symptoms as well as tongue and pulse diagnoses in abbreviated form.
The way the formula is compounded and the effects of the individual herbs used in the formula are explained for better understanding.

Your advantages:
Herbal formulas by symptoms categorised in 20 groups,
Detailed description how the herbal formula is compounded,
Precise description of the effects of the individual herbs.
This book by Dr. Ploberger serves as an important source of information both for beginners and for experienced therapists.


Florian Ploberger

Florian Ploberger

Dr. med. FLORIAN PLOBERGER, B.Ac., MA TCM-Arzt, Tibetologe. Internationale universitäre und interdisziplinären Lehrtätigkeit und zahlreiche Publikationen. Präsident der ÖAGTCM. Von der Direktion des Men-Tsee-Khang (Institut für Tibetische Medizin und Astrologie in Dharamsala, Nordindien) mit der Übersetzung des bedeutendsten Werkes der Tibetischen Medizin (rgyud bzhi) beauftragt. “Executive Committee Member” der WFCMS…