M. Tierra

The Way of Herbs

Herbal Remedies for Natural Health and Healing

  • Verlag: Pocket Books
  • ISBN: 9780671023270
  • 1998, 375 pages


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The author provides a very even approach to understanding balance as the key to health, discussing the theory of using herbs, herbal therapies, properties, and applications, a simplified approach to diagnosis and treatment versed in Oriental ideas of yin and yang, dietary recommendations using a whole-grain and vegetable model, kitchen medicines, Western herbs, Chinese herbs, formula preparation, and treatments for specific ailments.

A practical and useful guide which offers comprehensive descriptions of herbal treatments for cancer, arthritis, colds, and influenza showing the reader how to gain and maintain health through a holistic approach, with information on simple herb remedies, and descriptions of more than 140 Western herbs and 31 Chinese herbs.

The three functions of herbs.
Eight traditional methods of herbal therapy.
Herbal treatments for cancer, herpes, acne, arthritis, back pain, weight problems, colds, and flu.
Detailed descriptions, use, and dosage for more than 140 Western herbs and 31 important Chinese herbs.
How to purchase, grow, and store herbs.

The first herb book that effectively blends Eastern, European, and American Indian healing traditions
— Steven Foster, director of the American Center for Herb Study


M. Tierra

M. Tierra

Dr. Michael Tierra L.Ac., N.D., AHG is distinguished as a pioneer in the integration of Eastern and Western philosophies and principles in herbalism. Tierra is a pioneer in the study of traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine in the West. He is one of the forerunners of the North American Natural…