Scott-J. | Barlow-T.

Herbs in the Treatment of Children

Leading a Child to Health

  • Verlag: Elsevier
  • ISBN: 9780443071638
  • 2003, 304 pages


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Scott’s book provides a practical guide to the use of Chinese and Western key herbs in the treatment of childhood diseases. He is particularly concerned not only with suppressing symptoms, but also with truly curing diseases. Therefore, the book examines in detail how symptom cycles that eventually lead to chronic diseases can be broken. Scott is sensitive to the special needs of children and how both a doctor and interested parents can respond to them. Herbal therapy for children describes in detail which remedies can be used for a variety of complaints and illnesses and how.
Key topics:
Clear instructions for testing suitable herbal remedies
Practical advice on remedies and support measures
Critical examination of causes and patterns of the respective diseases
Information on hazards associated with the use of herbs in children
Comparisons with orthodox treatment methods







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