S. Brown

Meridian Therapy (online video)

Approaches to root treatment

  • 2012, online video, whole day



This workshop by Stephen Brown surveys the Japanese styles of acupuncture, particularly Meridian Therapy.
It covers the theoretical foundations of Meridian Therapy, which is based on the Nanjing and the Five Phases. Meridian Therapy is based primarily on six-position pulse diagnosis and abdominal diagnosis.

Participants will learn how to palpate and treat Five Phases tonification points using superficial insertion technique. It will be a hands-on workshop in which participants will practice needling techniques for tonification and dispersion on each other.

TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2012,
online video, englisch English.


S. Brown

S. Brown

Stephen Seiji Brown, EAMP, born in 1954 in Wakayama, East Asian Medical Practitioner with focus on Japanese-styles; translation of Japanese texts of traditional medicine; writing and editing for professional journals (NAJOM), teacher/lecturer on Japanese-style acupuncture, moxibustion & bodywork. Anma, shiatsu, and massage license 1982 Japanese Ministry of Health; acupuncture and…

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