G. Guillaume | M. Chieu

Rheumatology in Chinese Medicine

TCM approach to rheumatology

  • Verlag: Eastland Press
  • ISBN: 9780939616398
  • 1996, 426 pages


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The authors Gerard Guillaume and Mach Chieu are well respected French acupuncturists.
With this book they have layed the ground for the TCM approach to rheumatology.
While rheumatological disorders (e.g., joint and other musculoskeletal pain) are perhaps the most commonly seen problems in clinics of Chinese medicine, until now there has been no comprehensive book on this important subject.
Rheumatology in Chinese Medicine is the first of its kind in any language.

The subject is presented in four parts:
PART ONE lays the groundwork for the traditional Chinese approach to rheumatology, including a discussion of the makeup of the human organism and the interaction between movement and the channels.
PART TWO is a translation of the chapters on painful obstruction (bi) and lower back pain from one of the best modern Chinese texts on internal medicine.
PART THREE presents the authors’ own approach to rheumatological disorders, which utilizes many aspects of the modern French energetic acupuncture models, including barrier and trigger points.
PART FOUR contains a rich selection of translations from a dozen premodern classical texts regarding rheumatological disorders.
The book also contents a translation of a Chinese work on Bi and lo back pain.



M. Chieu

M. Chieu

Mach Chieu, M.D. is a French pediatrician of Chinese ethnicity. Raised in both Eastern and Western culture, he has long taken an interest in both Chinese and Western medicine. Dr. Chieu is also a writer and scholar of classical and modern Chinese literature, calligraphy and philosophy.

G. Guillaume

G. Guillaume

Gerard Guillaume, M.D. is a specialist in rheumatology, immunology and sports medicine. He currently serves as Vice President of the French Acupuncture Association, and is a highly regarded lecturer on acupuncture in Europe and the United States.