Master C. S. Tang

Xiantian Bagua Zhang

Gao Style Bagua Zhang - Circle Form

  • ISBN: 9781848193598
  • 2020, 480 pages


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With clear instruction and expert guidance, this fully illustrated guide to Bagua Zhang teaches all you need to know about this subtle, powerful martial art. There is no other martial art system or style, internal or external, which combines so many fighting techniques in one practice – and expert Master C S Tang provides lucid, detailed descriptions of the entire training system.

Bagua is divided into several sets of exercises, and this guide begins by covering the history behind these, and explaining the basic exercises. It goes on to detail the training in more complex practices – including circle walking, single palm change, the eight palm changes, the special weapons of Bagua, and more. Tying into higher spiritual practices of Daoism, this guide not only covers the practical applications of Bagua Zhang, but explores the reasons why it calms the mind, coordinates the body, and develops health.


Master C. S. Tang

Master C. S. Tang

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