Xie Huisheng | Margaret Fowler

Integrative and Traditional Chinese Veterinary

Medicine Food Therapy

  • Verlag: Xie Huisheng
  • ISBN: 9781934786628
  • 2020, 900 pages


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The first book on integrated and traditional Chinese veterinary food therapy. Two specialists Dr. Margaret Fowler and Dr. Huisheng Xie wrote about 900 pages with coloured charts and pictures, and described many homemade small animal recipes. Recipes for Equine will also be provided. The book combines modern scientific nutritional concepts with the principles of traditional Chinese veterinary medicine (TCVM).
A board-certified veterinary nutritionist and global experts on TCVM wrote a book that introduces detailed food therapy for the most common diseases and disorders in small animal and equine medicine. All disorders are provides according to TCVM Pattern differentiation as well as conventional diagnosis. It shows clinical signs so you are able to correct diagnoses and are accompanied by a wide variety of food therapy case examples to find the correct recipe choices.
The book contents over 170 commonly used foods for dogs and cats and more than 140 commonly used foods for equines and herbivores.
Here an overview:
Food Therapy for Pediatrics and Geriatrics
Five Element Constitutions/personalities
Kidney and Bladder disorders including arthritis and weakness syndromes, reproduction
Liver disorders including seizures, ocular and tendon/ligament disorders, laminitis
Heart disorders including behavioral issues
Spleen disorders including vomiting, diarrhea, ulcers, colic
Lung and respiratory disorders
Dermatological disorders
Neurologic disorders
Endocrine disorders
Immune-mediated disorders


Margaret Fowler

Margaret Fowler

Dr. Margaret Fowler graduated Summa Cum Laude from Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1981. She started training with Dr. Xie and the Chi Institute in 2005 and discovered that TCVM was her life’s passion. In 2013 Dr. Xie designated her a Certified TCVM Practitioner, one of only…

Xie Huisheng

Xie Huisheng

Huisheng Xie has got his degree from the Sichuan College of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine in Sichuan, China. Dr. Xie worked an assistant and staff veterinarian in the College of Veterinary Medicine of the Beijing Agricultural University. After receiving his master of veterinary science in veterinary acupuncture, Xie was…

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