Guo-Jun Yu

A Walk Along the River II

Transmitting a Medical Lineage through Case Records and Discussion

  • ISBN: 9780939616893
  • 2019, 194 pages Softcover


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Yu Guo-Jun continues the first band in A Walk along the River II. The author presents twenty-two case studies from his practice and that of his teacher Jiang Er-Xun. Among other things, the book discusses diseases of qi, blood and body fluids, generalized disorders, gynecology and obstetrics as well as pediatrics. A bonus case study on time and space in Chinese medical therapy will also be presented. In a personal essay, Yu Guo-Jun talks about his path in traditional Chinese medicine.


Each time I pick up A Walk Along the River II and begin to read a case, I feel electrified. Dr. Yu’s openness about his process, his lively discussions with other doctors about cases and formulas, and his strategic and tactical assessment of the clinical encounter are astonishing. Each case and discussion is full of clinical gems that go far beyond the case itself, and deeply engage the reader with the foundational principles of Chinese medicine. Sprinkled throughout the book are fascinating tidbits relating to individual herbs and formulas. This is the medicine we all went to school to learn and Dr. Yu effortlessly puts it in our grasp.
Tom Bisio, L. Ac., author of A Tooth from the Tiger’s Mouth

As I read A Walk Along the River, I felt as if I were sitting with Dr. Yu in his clinic. In a warm and personable style, he goes over each case in wonderful detail. The whole text is written in a conversational style with other physicians asking questions of Dr. Yu. Practitioners will want to read it cover to cover to integrate every jewel.
Sharon Weizenbaum, White Pine Healing Arts

If you use Chinese herbs in decoction as a primary form of treatment, drop everything and run out to buy this book. WAIT! Better call ahead to make sure the bookshop still has a copy.
Steve Clavey, The Lantern

I unhesitatingly recommend it as an addition to the library of any serious practitioner. For no matter how experienced or well-read you may be, I am certain this book will improve your skills and clinical outcomes. It most certainly has done so for me.
Volker Scheid, The Journal of Chinese Medicine



Guo-Jun Yu

Guo-Jun Yu

Yu Guo-Jun practices TCM in the city of Leshan, Sichuan province. He learned Chinese Medicine directly from senior practitioners during the Cultural Revolution and was one of the main students of Jian Er-Xun, a physician who is renowned for his work with classical formulas. Dr. Yu assisted Dr. Jiang for…