C. Buck

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Roots of Modern Practice

  • ISBN: 9781848191594
  • 2014, 352 pages


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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from Charles Buck draws out three decades of study, practice and teaching to provide a relevant and engaging account of the origins of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. He covers the key texts from its pre-Han dynasty roots to Chinese medicine as we know it today.
He emphasises those that are more relevant to clinical wishes to understand the tradition and shows the concepts they have contributed.
Buck gives you information, which is based on diverse sources including original translations of Chinese sources and interpretations of the work of many prominent medical sinologists.
The lucid and engaging style of Bucks provides an accessible and authoritative resource that will help practitioners and students deepen their understanding of this great medical tradition.
This book is a practical and modern appreciation of China’s medical wisdom, this book will be of great value to students and practitioners of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and anyone interested in the roots of this time-honoured medicine.
With a foreword by Barbara Kirschbaum.


C. Buck

C. Buck

Charles Buck is a widely respected practitioner, educator and author in the field of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Originally from a medical science background he became one of the first to practise and teach Chinese herbal medicine in the UK over thirty years ago. He has since gained respect for…

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