H. MacPherson | T. J. Kaptchuk

Acupuncture in Practice

Case History Insights from the West

  • ISBN: 9783443050498
  • 1998, 482 pages


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Written by THE leading lights in the field of integrating acupuncture into a Western medical system, this book bridges the gap between the theoretical foundations of acupuncture and its application in a modern Western clinical context.
Each case history focuses on the complexities and dilemmas of treatment that are tackled, providing valuable insights by experienced practitioners into the management of a course of acupuncture treatment.
This exciting book presents a wide variety of intriguing and challenging cases, drawn from the experience of 40 leading practitioners of acupuncture in the West. Written with insight and understanding, the collective contributions of the authors demonstrate the vitality and depth of acupuncture as it is actually practised.


T. J. Kaptchuk

T. J. Kaptchuk

Ted J. Kaptchuk erhielt seinen Doktortitel 1975 am Macao Institut für Chinesische Medizin. Heute ist er als Associate Director im Center for Alternative Medicine Research and Education in Boston tätig sowie als Assistant Professor an der Harvard Medical School.

H. MacPherson

H. MacPherson

Hugh MacPherson trained in acupuncture in London and China. He has worked at the York Clinic (formerly the Ch’ien Clinic) as an acupuncturist since its inception in 1982 and as Clinc Director since 1986. He is a member of the British Acupuncture Council with over 25 years of experience behind…