Peter van Kervel

Celestial Demons & Terrestrial Ghost Points

  • Verlag: Kervel
  • ISBN: 9789079212118
  • Revised ed. 2010, 108 pages


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If acupuncture is a tool of medicine which is Qi or energy related, and the purest form of Qi is the Spirit which is housed in the physical body, then one inevitably must realize the presence of the human spirit, animating life and determining to some extent, health.
The initial problem with this reasoning is that the Spirit of an individual human being cannot be measured and cannot be grasped on a physical way, rather can only be perceived through one’s own feeling and senses. This said, we all recognize an individual’s Spirit, which we name through the name of a person.
Just the same, we continue to perceive in our daily life, collective Spirits which we name as the various groups, associations, companies, families and entire nations. We also speak of the human spirit and that of the world.
More obscure, yet present and perceptible, are the spirits of those loved ones in our family which have passed on, which are brought up through conversation and contemplation, and which exist in our minds as memories. The question arises – where have they gone to?
There are also other dark spirits which have passed on to another realm, which continue to haunt us, either individually, or collectively, those dark figures in history such as tyrants, who have marked their somber legacy on humanity, and which occupy the minds and emotions of many people living in the mainstream of society.
Practically, the human being is not functioning as a machine, despite our mechanical and material based society. Important physical development is crucial for life, and this has been triumphed by our western societies. Our society has also investigated the psyche, defining it as parts. Yet both psyche and soma are yet to be united, particularly in medicine.
This book of Ghost Points, by Peter C. Van Kervel, unveils knowledge which has only been spoken of in whispers, clearly and boldly challenging us as individuals and society as a whole, to examine our material based outlook on life, both for the living and the deceased.


Peter van Kervel

Peter van Kervel

Peter van Kervel was born in 1956 and has been working for over 35 years in the field of health care, mostly as an acupuncturist. Peter has been trained by Dr. J.D. van Buren, the founder of I.C.O.M. England, and the one who introduced the knowledge of the Stems &…