J. Duveen

Classical Constitutional Acupuncture Typologies of.. (DVD)

10 Stems / 12 branches, 6 divisions and clinical use

  • 2012, 2 DVDs, whole day, ca. 4:50 h


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A lecture by Joan Duveen about Classical Constitional Acupuncture Typologies of 10 Stems/ 12 banches, 6 divisions and clinical use
at the TCM-Kongress Rothenburg 2012.

2 DVDs, ca. 4:50 h, englisch English.


J. Duveen

J. Duveen

Joan Duveen started studying Chinese medicine in 1978. Graduated from the Dutch Society for Acupuncture, Holland in 1982, he became B.Ac in 1986 and M.Ac in 1991 at ICOM Holland and England. He was a regular staff member at the International College of Oriental Medicine UK for 16 years, teaching…

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