Kiiko Matsumoto

DVD Treatment of head and neck

Kiiko Matsumoto, Japanese Acupuncture London 2012

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Kiiko Matsumoto new DVDs give you an insight of the treatment of head and neck and provides her ability to integrate the work of important Japanese Masters including Master Nagano, Master Kawai and Dr. Manaka in a straightforward and practical way. Her passion for the Chinese Classics and powerful teaching style are her trademark. The set is containing 4 DVD?s and gives you 7 hours of valuable acupuncture knowledge.
Kiiko Matsumoto is one of the leading experts for Japanese Acupuncture. Her DVD set is a perfect tools to see her work. One part on the DVDs is lecture and the other part live clinical demonstration. A perfect way to learn her practical clinical strategies. Over two days Kiiko Matsumoto has been filmed for two days in London. Learn Kiiko Matsumoto?s unique clinical strategies by DVD. Special treatments you can see are for head and neck. It includes also:
• Blood suger imbalance, diagnosis and treatment
• Evolution of the stomach and spleen meridians
• Master Maruyama?s Jue Points
• Skeletal imbalance including the sphenoid bone and C1
The live demonstration show:
• Severe neck pain after mastectomy
• Facial pain
• Complex regional pain syndrome
• Tinnitus
• Migraine
• Osteoarthritis of the neck
The DVDs are divided into several chapters. The presentations also content diagrams and case histories.
Participants said about this course: “Kiiko is dynamic, it?s been fascinating and exciting to watch her work.” “Brilliant demonstrations!”


Kiiko Matsumoto

Kiiko Matsumoto

Kiiko Matsumotois the founder of Kiiko Style Acupuncture and is internationally known for her scholarly work on Acupuncture and the interpretation of Chinese Classic texts. Kiiko has published several fundamental texts on Acupuncture in the U.S. She is regularly publishing articles in the Ido-No-Nippon acupuncture magazine in Japan and made…

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