Richard Bertschinger

Essential Texts in Chinese Medicine

The Single Idea in the Mind of the Yellow Emperor

  • ISBN: 9781848191624
  • 2015, 320 pages


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Essential Texts in Chinese Medicine is a selection of the key texts on Chinese medicine, taken from the Huangdi Neijing (the Yellow Emperor’s Medical Classic), provides the passage vital for students and practitioners to understand and work with in their practice today.
This book is a new translation, supported by a commentary that explains the meaning and importance of the lines and their core relevance to modern practice.
Ming doctor and scholar Li Zhongzi’s selection is taken as basis, and additional texts from the Huangdi Neijing on topics relevant for modern practitioners, such as the spirit in treatment, a resonance with nature, the art of needling, and the Five Elemental body and personality types, are included.


Richard Bertschinger

Richard Bertschinger

Richard Bertschinger studierte zehn Jahre lang bei dem taoistischen Weisen und Meister Gia-fu Feng. Als praktizierender Akupunkteur, Lehrer der Heilkunst und Übersetzer alter chinesischer Texte arbeitet und praktiziert er in Somerset, England.