Richard Bertschinger

Everyday Qigong Practice

illustrated by Harriet E. J. Lewars

  • ISBN: 9781848191174
  • 2012, 80 pages


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Everyday Qigong practice is an useful handbook and teaches simple Qigong exercises that can be easily practised in the home every day. Early-stage Qigong practitioners often find it difficult to establish a daily Qigong practice.
This book from Bertschinger provides a guidance for a series of warm-ups and exercises which are easy to learn, very effective and all based on ancient and traditional practice. These include refreshing Early Morning Meditations, the classic Eight-Sectioned Brocade, the dynamic Three Circles Posture, the Ten Aggrievement Exercises, which are great for combating bad moods, and the Three Lowerings, an exercise for sound sleep, as well as Rubbing Exercises, self-massage for combating stiffness, aches and pains. The author offers advice throughout on important points to remember when practising Qigong at home and how to deal with any problems that arise in a straightforward and relaxed manner.

This book is suitable for young and old, this introduction to classic Qigong for daily practice translates the traditional Chinese teaching expressions into English that reflects the multi-layered meaning of the original, intuitively grasped, meaning deepens on reflection. The meditations and exercises will be particularly healing for those recovering from illness.


Richard Bertschinger

Richard Bertschinger

Richard Bertschinger studierte zehn Jahre lang bei dem taoistischen Weisen und Meister Gia-fu Feng. Als praktizierender Akupunkteur, Lehrer der Heilkunst und Übersetzer alter chinesischer Texte arbeitet und praktiziert er in Somerset, England.