G. Marin

Five Elements, Six Conditions

A Taoist Approach to Emotional Healing, Psychology, Internal ...

  • ISBN: 9781556435935
  • 2006, 224 pages


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The fruit of twenty-five years of clinical practice in massage therapy and the ancient Taoist healing method of Chi Nei Tsang (Chi-Kung applied to the internal organs), Five Element, Six Conditions presents hands-on techniques and Taoist meditations to promote physical, mental, and emotional healing.
This important book reconnects Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chi-Kung to their classical and spiritual roots. The mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of internal alchemy, which has been considered to be occult and suppressed by the modern Chinese government and by conventional allopathic medicine, are described as never before, giving a new, refreshing psychological perspective. Rare for books on classical Taoist medicine, Five Elements, Six Conditions is written by a teacher with a wealth of hands on experience.
For alternative-health practitioners or for anyone interested in understanding the work of holistic healing, and more than forty color-coded illustrations make it easy to understand the Taoist alchemical principles of the five elements, formulated and refined over hundreds of years.

Five Elements, Six Conditions is a much needed tool for practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tai-Chi Ch’uan, and Chi-Kung. It will help them greatly in understanding the principles of Taoist internal alchemy and its modern applications. Thanks to Gilles Marin, a nearly extinct esoteric practice from the far East has the chance of becoming and important healing disipline, helping readers to step into the mysterious world of healing, and creating a better and gentler world for future generations.
— -Mantak Chia, Director of the International Healing Tao, Thailand.


G. Marin

G. Marin

Gilles Marin is founder and director of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute. He studied Traditional Chinese Medicine with Dr. Stephen T. Chang and Taoist disciplines with Master Mantak Chia, and is certified by Master Chia to teach the International Healing Tao System and Chi Nei Tsang. Marin is the author…