C. Furth

Flourishing Yin: Gender in China’s Medical History

960 - 1665

  • ISBN: 9783520208293
  • 1999, 355 pages


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This book by Charlotte Furth brings the study of gender to Chinese medicine and in so doing contextualizes Chinese medicine in history.
It examines the rich but neglected tradition of fuke, or medicine for women, over the seven hundred years between the Song and the end of the Ming dynasty.
Using medical classics, popular handbooks, case histories, and belles letters, it explores evolving understandings of fertility and menstruation, gestation and childbirth, sexuality, and gynecological disorders.


C. Furth

C. Furth

Charlotte Furth is a Professor Emerita of History. Ph.D. History, Stanford University and B.A. French, University of North Carolina.