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From Ayurveda to Chinese Medicine


  • ISBN: 9789813200333
  • 2017, 264 pages


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This unique book presents the differences and similarities of the oldest systems of health care.
All ancient medicine has strong philosophical background and management varieties related to treatment activities.
Ayurveda is one such branch of medicine that is strongly linked to Yoga and traditional Chinese medicine including activities related to Martial Arts and Acupuncture.
This book successfully merges Ayurveda with Chinese medicine thereby enhancing the understanding of the two systems.

Ayurveda — Chinese Medicine: From Philosophy to Basic Principles (D Panda & Jammu)
Ayurveda: Body Structures and Functional Considerations (D Panda & Jammu)
Health and Disease in Ayurveda (D Panda & Jammu)
Chinese Medicine: Principles on Health and Diseases (P-C Leung)
Research and Development of Chinese Medicinal Plants (C B-S Lau, P-C Leung et al.)
Evidence Based Validation of Indian Traditional Medicine — Way Forward (P K Mukherjee et al.)
Natural Healing: Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Yoga (P-C Leung)
Ayurveda in India (D Panda & P-C Leung)
Traditional Medicine in China (P-C Leung)
Medicinal Herbs Used in Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine (P-C Leung & E W-C Au)
Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine Today: Joint Mission of the Two Asian Systems (P-C Leung & D Panda)

Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga and Martial Arts practitioners, Acupuncturists, Western doctors interested in alternative medicine, healthcare providers.


Debashis Panda

Debashis Panda

Debashis Panda Central Government Health Scheme, India.

Ping-Chung Leung

Ping-Chung Leung