Douglas S. Wingate

Healing Brain Injury with Chinese Medical Approaches

Integrative Approaches for Practitioners

  • ISBN: 9781848194021
  • 2018, 622 pages


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How to treat minor and acute brain injury? This book offers an extensive clinical guide to treat those diseases with a clear instruction for acupuncturists and other Chinese medicine practitioners. It explains how symptoms such as a headache, dizziness and anxiety relate to brain injury, and differences in approaches to treatment when working with children or veterans.


Douglas S. Wingate

Douglas S. Wingate

Douglas S. Wingate works as an acupuncturist in his own practice. His specialization is the brain injury. He has presented at the Pacific NW Brain Injury Conference. Douglas has been a board member and volunteered with multiple non-profits for brain injury. Currently, he lives in Oregon, USA. The book about Brain…

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